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Docunym is the affordable enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow system. We’ve leveraged our experience developing business automation systems using document imaging for high volume environments and created an easy-to-use, web based system. Our workflow engine and enterprise document management system have been tested to scale to millions of documents across hundreds of concurrent users and can be accessed anywhere thanks to the power of the Cloud.

The Docunym Advantage

  • Affordable enterprise document management and workflow available from your web browser
  • Go paperless in minutes with no software to install
  • Powerful workflow engine with table-driven business rules enables automation of your existing processes
  • Enhancement of management oversight and quality control
  • Supports both high speed batch, single document scanning and document imaging, email processing, and secure FTP uploads
  • Automatic full-text OCR for efficient data entry and document retrieval
  • Multiple levels of integration with other systems using an open web services API, or non-programming double-click technology
  • Leverage end-to-end encryption automatically. From the web browser to the stored documents, all of the traffic and data is encrypted and protected
  • No confusing pricing schedules
  • Harness the power and reliability of the Cloud for your document management needs.

Visit our Docunym website here for more information about Docunym or to request a demo.

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