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Oct 26 2010

National insurance broker hires SBS to develop software for Master Trust Program

by admin in News

Specialized Business Software wins approval to develop a web-based custom insurance software system for Master Trust Programs for a national insurance broker. This secure, fully web based software system for managing the insurance coverage on a portfolio of trust real estate assets operates in real-time which allows for instant premium calculations, insurance ordering, evidence of insurance generation, and more. Renewing insurance on thousands of assets takes minutes. Full support of out-of-sequence endorsements are included in this application allowing for multiple certificate endorsements on any field in any order.

Tracking internal and external insurance policies
This MTP system automatically performs insurance tracking on the active assets in the system with a built-in deficiency report to show which properties do not have enough coverage, regardless of whether that coverage is supplied by the internal policy or through an external policy.

Ordering of internal insurance policies
The Master Trust Programs system developed by SBS has an extremely flexible ordering interface. Our table-driven approach allows us to quickly update the order screens to be tailored to each specific client if needed. The order screens can have a wizard that determines the type and amount of insurance coverage to order, or it can be configured to allow more experienced users to directly order the insurance that they need.

File Interface with Trust Management Systems
This MTP system can synchronize its asset, insurance, and billing data with the client’s trust management system. This synchronization process can occur on a nightly or weekly basis.

Aug 05 2010

Global Insurance Broker hires SBS to automate its Captive Insurance Programs

by admin in News

Specialized Business Software wins approval to develop a web browser based custom insurance software application to provide automation and self-service capabilities for Captive Insurance Programs for Hospital Systems Risk Retention Groups. This web based software system automates the captive management for multiple RRGs each with multiple hospitals and thousands of medical providers. Secure, online physician access with built-in controls allow the risk managers of the risk retention groups to easily manage the medical malpractice insurance of thousands of providers. This system included functionality for premium rating, binding, billing, actuarial reporting, and automated renewals plus real-time processing of insurance coverage.

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