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The overall goal of our project approach is to allow clients to have full visibility into the project every step of the way. By breaking the project into logical iterations, we are able to focus on all aspects of the business in detail without you feeling overwhelmed. Your team of subject matter experts are guided by our experienced project managers and analysts to meet development milestones on time and with ease.

Over the years we have perfected our software process to a point where we can reliably estimate the size and price of a project ensuring that we can deliver it on time. Our custom software projects are typically sold at a fixed price with payments triggered at preset milestones in the schedule. With your first year maintenance and support included there are no surprises, hidden costs or worries.

The SBS Software Project Approach

  • Document Initial Scope
  • Draft Statement of Work with fixed price and schedule
  • Project Schedule is split into multiple cycles (iterations). Functionality and release dates are given to the client to track the progress
  • Project Manager and Analyst interview client Subject Matter Experts to develop a detailed requirements document
  • Requirements for the iteration are reviewed by the client with the Project Manager
  • User Acceptance Test (UAT) document is created by SBS software quality assurance (SQA) developers
  • UAT is reviewed by the client with the Project Manager
  • Design document is created by SBS based on requirements document
  • Design document is reviewed by client with the Project Manager
  • Development starts at our SBS Cleveland office
  • Internal testing is done by SBS SQA developers (alpha testing)
  • Test system is given to the client to participate in testing using the UAT document (beta testing)
  • Process is repeated for each iteration
  • After the final iteration, an extended full beta testing period occurs with the client
  • SBS provides training to the client and the system is installed into production
  • Initial year of software maintenance and support is included
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