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Since 1999 SBS has been developing custom insurance software systems for many different specialty lines insurance programs. We have created agency management systems, policy administration systems, insurance carrier underwriting systems, as well as automated many different specialty programs. We also provide other business automation systems with a range of self-service, workflow, and document imaging aspects. Below is a sampling of some of the systems we have created for our clients:

Intrex – Insurance Tracking and Lender Placed Policy Management System

  • Modern and fully secure browser-based SaaS system for insurance tracking and lender placed policy management
  • Supports both real estate and vehicle collaterals
  • Self service tracking capability for sub-agents and clients
  • Customizable letter notification system for exposed collateral to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Automatic storage and easy retrieval of all documents and notification images
  • Full agency management of policies and rates
  • Technologies used: Java, AngularJS, PostgreSQL

Insurance Tracking System

  • Multiple front-ends: Web Browser and Windows Executable
  • Receives data from multiple insurance carrier systems via X12
  • OCR of insurance documents for automated data entry
  • Commercial and Residential mortgage insurance tracking functionality
  • Receives data from multiple mortgage servicing systems including MSP, LoanServ, Strategy, FICS, LSAMS, Interlinq, Enterprise and more
  • Used by top mortgage servicing institutions throughout North America
  • Technologies used: Java, Delphi, Firebird

SBS X12 Translator

  • Web browser SaaS system
  • Full translation of EDI X12 format files into corresponding flat text files
  • No programming or IT needed to use the software
  • Output files are formatted to load directly into the loan servicing or insurance tracking system
  • Technologies used: Java, Firebird

Master Trust Program

  • Web browser front-end
  • Full workflow system to automate master trust insurance ordering between the field asset managers and a centralized operations unit
  • Workflow and ordering system is fully configurable by client
  • Flexible rating engine and a full accounting system
  • Fully automated out-of-sequence endorsement processing
  • Custom certificates and invoices
  • Over 160 active users nationwide
  • Technologies used: Java, Firebird

Lender Placed/Force Placed & Foreclosed Insurance

  • Web browser front-end
  • Used by insurance agencies and mortgage servicers for self-service force placed ordering
  • Custom Master Policy generation with manuscript endorsements
  • Force placed insurance underwriting system with rating and accounting
  • Automated agency Master Policy quoting workflow system
  • Technologies used: Java, DB2

Income Tax eFile System

  • Web browser front-end
  • Used by a large municipality for their taxpayers
  • Secure Payments
  • Direct integration into their document imaging workflow system
  • Technologies used: Java, Firebird

Lender Placed/Force Placed Insurance Agency Management System

  • Web browser front-end
  • Used by mortgage servicers for self-service force placed ordering
  • Full agency management system with premium rating, certificate generation, and accounting
  • Interfaces with multiple insurance companies
  • Technologies used: Java, Firebird

Hospital Captive Insurance Management

  • Web browser front-end
  • Self-service professional liability by risk managers for their medical providers
  • Flexible rating engine and a full accounting system
  • Multiple Risk Retention Groups with private partitioned data
  • Technologies used: Java, Firebird

X12 EDI Translator

  • Windows Executable
  • Accepts both mortgage and auto X12 EDI files
  • Translates X12 files into 2 separate insurance tracking system formats
  • Support for 811 policy data and 997 acknowledgements
  • Technologies used: C# .NET, SQL Server

Entertainer Professional Liability Insurance

  • Web browser front-end
  • Self-service professional liability for entertainers
  • Quote, order and purchase certificates with online credit card payments
  • Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, MySQL

Municipal Income Tax Automation

  • Windows Executable
  • Used by over 70 people internally to process income tax audits on over 1 million residents
  • Custom workflow engine with document images and template based OCR
  • Technologies used: Delphi, Oracle

Docunym: Enterprise Document Management and Workflow

  • Web browser SaaS system, corresponding iPhone app
  • Document management with automatic full-text OCR generation and searching
  • Enterprise workflow engine
  • Custom security levels with full audit logs
  • Technologies used: Java, C# .NET, ObjectiveC, Firebird

Claims Management

  • Web browser front-end
  • Centralized claims management system for a large insurance broker
  • Self-service claims status lookup for their insureds
  • Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, MySQL

Insurance X12 Loader for MSP

  • Windows MSP Director Script
  • Automatically loads in X12 carrier data to be matched and updated in MSP
  • Technologies used: MSP Director Scripting
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