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Jan 14 2014

Press Release: SBS Increases Revenue, Expands Software Solutions in 2013

by admin in News

Specialized Business Software, a provider of custom software solutions for insurance, mortgage and financial services companies, has reached several milestones in 2013, including an increase another year-over-year increase in the number of new projects.

Specialized Business Software attributes this growth to increased awareness within the financial and insurance industries about the benefits of automated custom software and a large number of repeat customers who value being able to reduce the time it takes to complete basic business processes by as much as 90 percent.

Specialized Business Software also released two new products in 2013. Docunym 2.2 is an enhancement to its web-based document management and workflow solution, which helps users manage and retrieve mortgage loan documents faster and more efficiently. The X12 EDI Translator is a web-based solution enabling mortgage servicers and insurance tracking companies to translate insurance policies from the X12 format into a more readable form, which eliminates the need to develop and maintain an internal electronic data interchange (EDI) system.

“Our growth in 2013 is a reflection of the increased need for automated technology solutions with customized features among mortgage lenders and insurance companies,” said Steve Wiser, president and founder of Specialized Business Software. “Our custom solutions enable users to more efficiently complete core functions, thereby, pulling them ahead of competitors.”

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