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Intrex is an entirely new insurance tracking and force placed policy management system, built as a fresh approach to simplifying the process of keeping lenders in compliance in regards to insurance requirements on their loans.  Developed from the ground up to take advantage of cloud infrastructure, eliminating the need for your agency to invest in additional IT resources while providing a scalable solution that can allow you to compete with the largest players in the industry.  To satisfy security requirements, data is automatically encrypted in transit as well as at rest and all datacenter facilities are certified for SOC 2 compliance.


Designed to be as easy to use as possible without sacrificing functionality; Intrex is a full policy management system for lender placed insurance programs with robust insurance tracking functionality for both real estate and vehicle loan portfolios.  Your agency staff, sub-agents, or clients can all use the system for their insurance tracking needs at the same time, with equal access for updating insurance records.  Intrex can also be used as a stand-alone force placement system complete with premium rating, binding, and accounting.

Key Features

  • Full featured agency management software for lender placed insurance
  • Modern innovative web application, not a bolted on upgrade to 10+ year old software
  • Streamlined insurance tracking for both real estate and vehicle collaterals
  • Automated customizable letter notifications to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Instant retrieval of all insurance documents and notification letters
  • Leverages cloud computing to provide on-demand scalability
  • Comprehensive data security

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Force Placed Policy Management
Insurance Tracking Capabilities

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