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Collaborative Insurance Tracking

Intrex supports comprehensive tracking of voluntary insurance on the portfolio for both real estate and vehicles. Dashboard reporting provides management with a comprehensive overview of insurance on the portfolio.

This innovative system allows tracking to be performed by users at the agency, sub-agents, or even the client. All users are able to access the same information and make updates ensuring that loans always have the most current coverage reflected on the system. Clients can be given as much access as needed.



Notification letters can be customized to easily meet client specifications.  There is direct control of content that can be controlled by either the lender or the agent.

Exposure notification is automatically generated in a pre-set cycle of letters help ensure regulatory compliance.  At the end of this cycle of letters the loan can automatically bind with force placed coverage.  Updating the loan with current insurance by either party will stop the letter cycle in real-time.  

A full set of imaged copies of all system generated letters is always available.  This information is readily available to both agents and lenders and can easily be pulled up during an audit.


Regulatory Compliance

Date is encrypted in transit and at rest.  All data centers are certified for SOC2 compliance.

Reports can be run in real-time on the data to look for any exposures in coverage, and preset notification cycles that can be configured to meet client specifications and regulatory requirements are used for borrower contact.  These notification cycles can be easily adjusted to meet regulatory changes or specific wording needs of a client.


Technology / Scalability

Intrex offers streamlined insurance tracking in a cloud based application.  There is no software to install to use this system, it securely runs out of your web browser.

Intrex’s cloud based infrastructure allows any agency to complete with the largest players in the industry.  The system will elastically scale to handle any size portfolio and can shrink back down again if the demand wanes. A fully elastic, scalable software system that is the current state-of-the-art is now available for insurance tracking.

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