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Intrex contains a complete force placed policy management system designed from the ground up to be easy to use and simply your back office processes. Time should be spent on customer relationships and growing your agency, not tedious accounting or wrestling with outdated technology.


Intrex allows you to be faster and more efficient with on-demand invoicing and statements that are always up to date. Invoicing options such as net billing alleviates your clients from paying premium and then turning around and receiving a refund check for the same billing cycle. A convenient overview of each lender shows you all outstanding invoices and uninvoiced amounts at a glance, while the ability to trace money down to the policy level enables you to easily answer billing questions. The system has automated aging reports to keep track of any outstanding invoices.

Customer Service

Intrex’s innovative journaling system makes customer service easier by presenting all activity for any policy in a user friendly format and language. Your clients will appreciate being able to easily understand a policy’s history, and your agency staff will be more able to fully engage and respond to any issue without needing to put a client on hold while they decipher and digest outdated transaction codes.


Reporting the coverage you’ve written has never been easier. Designed to provide the information you need when you need it, Intrex allows you to generate coverage reporting with a click of the button.


The system handles all aspects of the lender placed insurance program including commission calculations on the master policy as well as for sub-agents.


Intrex has a powerful rating engine to handle calculating premium, taxes and fees.  The system will support multiple master policies for a single lender’s portfolio if needed to ensure adequate coverage.

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